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Quickly lock, locate, protect and find your computer, tablet or smartphone if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Fact: A laptop/Smart Phone/Tablet is stolen every 53 seconds, while 12,000 laptops disappear every week from U.S. airports alone. Of all lost laptops, 46% had confidential data and no encryption.

When a device with TriLock Anti-Theft Technology becomes lost or stolen, it can be remotely disabled. If the device is recovered, it can be quickly reactivated to normal operation.

  • Tracks your device so you can quickly locate it.

  • Remotely locks your device to protect personal information.

  • Quickly lockdown and locate your lost or stolen devices and the irreplaceable information on them
    • Provides theft protection for multiple devices.
    • Lets you remotely lockdown your device over the Internet so thieves and strangers can’t use them or access your personal information.
    • Tracks and reports your device’s approximate location in case of loss or theft.

  • Easy to use and covers the mobile devices you use to stay connected
    • Lets you easily locate and lock your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere, right over the Internet through the TriLockApps website.
    • Web-based service is light on resources so it doesn’t slow down your Web browsing or device performance.
    • Requires no additional hardware or software to protect Windows® PCs, laptops and Android™ smartphones or tablets.
    • Remotely locks your device to protect it and your personal information from prying eyes.
    • Won’t slow down your device’s performance or your Web browsing.
    • Supports any Windows® PC or laptop, Android™ smartphones or tablets.


  • Locate: Tracks and maps the location of your device when anyone uses it so you’ll know if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Remote Lockdown: Securely locks your device to prevent strangers from using it or seeing your information.
  • Lost Notice: Displays a customizable message to anyone who finds your missing device so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Web Control: Works securely over the Internet so you can easily track, locate and lock your devices anytime, using any Web browser.
  • Failure to check: Failure to check in with the central server can trigger a device to disable when a check-in time is missed. The administrator can set system check-in intervals. Upon a missed check-in time, the system is locked down until the user reactivates the system.
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